How to contact Juno customer care for e-mail support ?

Juno is a US based internet service provider, started in May 1996 by Chales Ardai, Brian Marsh and Clifford Tse. Juno though started as a free email service later allowed the users to browse the web and other features too which is the reason for it being so popular, since the middle of july 2015 Juno limited the usage of free services to maximum 10 hours per month and provided its paid customers other perks. Juno is a subsidiary of United online.

Juno Email Support

Juno believes that customer satisfaction is the main criteria for customer retention and growth, keeping this in mind Juno has a very capable panel at their support team which aims at providing reliable services to overcome the hindrances experienced by its users. The support staff aims at quick and prompt service in the quickest way possible.

Now that we know the ideology for Juno's support team, let's look at the various reasons why you should contact Juno email support

Reasons for contacting Juno email support-

Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) that our support team provides solutions to on a regular basis can give you a brief as to the reasons for contacting them ,they are as follows-

  • How to create a juno email account
  • How to reset/recover your Juno account
  • Help in installing update to your account
  • How to set up SMTP/POP/IMAP in your account
  • How to resolve the problem of being unable to send/ receive emails in your account
  • Problem regarding logging into Juno account
  • How to set up account on Iphone/android
  • How to resolve configuration issues
  • How to sync your emails to all devices

Above mentioned queries are only a few of huge amounts received by our experts. If you have any query regarding your Juno account feel free to contact our support team, no query for them is big or small and they would be more than happy to resolve your problems and thus brighten your day

How to reset your Juno email password

You can easily reset your Juno account password by contacting the support team or manually.

Steps to follow are-

  • Open your browser
  • Visit official website of Juno i.e
  • Tab on “my account” option.
  • Provide your “member id” and other details you have previously added to your account
  • Click on the next button.
  • Now your details are being verified, once the verification is done, you will see an option to reset your email password.

How to setup juno email on Iphone or Android devices

Iphones and Android devices have come in handy when it comes to swift and easy usability of mobile devices.

If you are using an Iphone you can follow the steps mentioned below-

HowYou Can Set Up An Juno Email Your Iphone-

  • Open your desired device
  • From your browser open the official Juno website
  • Fill in your appropriate credentials and sign in
  • You will file an option the top left named”settings” click on it
  • Now click:” pop email and select the “On-pop”my mail to my desktop/smartphone”
  • Now, sign out from your Juno account.
  • Now, from your device open setting
  • Now click “pop email”and select the “on-pop ,my mail to my desktop/smartphone”
  • Now kindly log out of Juno mail
  • Close the window
  • On you Iphone, open settings
  • In the new window provided, enter your email address which should be ending by
  • Go to your incoming mail server – 110 (POP)
  • Gp to your outgoing mail server – 587 (SMTP).
  • Also, turn off the SSL setting for incoming or outgoing email.

How You Can Set Up An Juno Email On Your Android Phone-

Want to add Juno email to your android phone ? follow these steps and enjoy the amazing services of Juno-

  • Open the Settings on your phone.
  • Find the “Accounts” (or similar) section.
  • Go to “Email” option.
  • Enter your Juno login information and tap on “Next.”
  • Tap on the “Next” button again in the following menu. It should be named “Inbox checking frequency” or similar.
  • Finally, choose “Next” once more.

You have now successfully added your Juno mail account to your phone.

Facing login issues with your Juno account ? Juno email help is here to resolve it.

Let's look at how you can solve login issues with your Juno account-

  • Firstly make sure whatever device you are trying to login with is connected to the internet.
  • Cross check the login credentials
  • Verify that your email settings are correct
  • Make sure the cables and connectors are secured at the right place
  • Check your modem for problems
  • If you are unable to resolve the problem, try troubleshooting it from the top of email
  • After you troubleshoot either Juno dial up or Juno dsl would appear according to your medium of internet connection

It is quite possible that you might still be facing some issues,to quickly resolve it is advised to contact Juno helpline number especially dedicated to provide assistance 24X7

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