While logged in to your Verizon Wireless account, you can change your password. If you have forgotten your password for the Verizon Wireless Web application, you may change it online using the Password Reset option or by calling Verizon customer care. You may only replace a lost password online if you previously set up your Verizon account using a secret question. If you haven’t set up a secret question, Verizon will issue you a temporary password through text message.

While logged in, change your password

1. Access your Verizon Wireless account.

2. Open the “Change My Password” tab (see link in Resources). You may also go to “My Account” and select “Change My Password.” The page Change Password appears.

3. In the “Current Password” input box, enter your current password.

4. Type your new password into the “New Password” input box, then confirm it in the “Confirm Password” box.

1. Visit the “My Verizon Forgot Password” page

Forgotten Password Reset

2. Enter your phone number in the input box.

3. Select the “Continue” option. If you have a security question configured on the account, it will be shown.

4. If asked, type the answer to the security question. The page Change Password appears. Alternatively, choose “Send Text Message.” Your phone receives a text message containing a temporary password.

5. 5. Type a new password in the “Password” field, then confirm it in the “Confirm Password” field.Click the “Submit” button. Your Verizon Wireless password has been updated. If you choose to get a text message, open the message and copy the temporary password.

6. Go to the Verizon login page and input your cellphone number as well as the temporary password. You are currently logged into the Verizon website. Click “My Account,” then select “Change My Password.” In the various input fields, insert your new password, then retype it to confirm. Your password has been reset.

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