outlook software on your windows 10, then this article is just what you need.

Not getting notified about the mails could lead to disturbances in communication which hinders the day to day working of any individual, company or organization. Therefore this problem requires an immediate solution; this problem could arise from a number of causes which would be explained below. Let’s look at the possible solutions which would help you eradicate the possibility of missing out on important mail.


It is quite possible that the problem might have suddenly appeared. It might be a temporary problem which could be fixed by restarting.

2. Activating outlook notification alert on Windows 10

It is quite possible that you might have unknowingly hindered the notifications setting; it usually happens a lot of time. So firstly let’s check the notification alerts on your windows device.

  • Open settings by clicking on the start menu and typing “settings” in the search.

Shortcut key- you can simply press the windows + I key from the keyboard to open “settings”

  • Click “System” in the new window that just popped up.
  • Look for the option that says “notification and actions” it would be visible on the left side panel
  • Toggle down the list and look for outlook from the option “Notification and Actions”
  • Inside the outlook section, turn on settings as-
  • Notifications
  • Show notifications banners.
  • Show notifications in the action center.
  • Play a sound when a notification arrives

If the problem with the notifications still prevails, it is possibly due to inappropriate outlook settings.

3. Configure outlook to display a desktop alert

The Outlook app for Windows 10 comes with its own notifications setting. It is advised to check and enable new message alerts in the Outlook app. Kindly follow these steps-

  • Open the Outlook application on your computer.
  • Click on file, then ‘Options’.
  • You will find a pop up window open. On the left sidebar find the option “mail”. After opening it you will arrive at the “message arrival section”.
  • Make sure the option “play a sound and display a desktop alert option” is enabled.
  • Click on “ok” to save changes.

4. Interference of rules and alerts

If the above mentioned methods are complied with and the problem still exists, it is quite possible that the rules and alerts might be interfering with the application.

Kindly follow the steps below-

  • Open your outlook application.
  • Go to the file menu, click on “manage rules & alerts”.
  • Carefully check if any rule/ alert might be influencing the arrival of notification for your messages.
  • If any, uncheck it, and then click on “apply” then press “ok”.

5. Focus assist

One of the prime causes for no notification for outlook applications in windows has been “Focus assist”.  Focus assist is a built-in feature of windows 10, enabling this function would cause no new notification for any application present on your windows device.

Focus assist can be disabled by following these steps-

  • Open “action center” from the taskbar.
  • If you see the “focus assist” option (resembles an crescent moon) it means it is enabled
  • Focus assist could be set for alarms or priority only.
  • Clicking on it once or twice would disable it.

Alternatively you can simply change focus assist off by setting option. Steps for doing so are-

  • Open setting.
  • Search for focus assist in the search bar of settings
  • Click on the off option to disable it from Priority only or Alarms only is previously selected.

6. Battery saver

The battery saver feature helps conserve power when a system is running on battery(without the charger plugged in). Battery saver influences the working of the device as saving battery becomes one of the tasks for the device itself which could lead to improper functioning of the applications and other things, so it is quite possible that battery saver feature could prevent a customer from getting notifications.

Steps to be followed to disable battery saver mode are-

  • Open settings, then system.
  • Look for the option “battery” on the left side
  • Simply turn it off

This method should solve the problem if caused by the battery saver option

7. Updating official apps

A out-dated software can cause improper working of the application, thus it is quite possible that you are not able to receive notifications in your Outlook application as it is not updated. you can simply update your windows outlook from the windows apps.

8. Access outlook on web

The above solutions should fix the problem, if the problem still prevails try using the web version of outlook and enable desktop notification from outlook.com

9. Contacting Email experts

 The problem for outlook notification should be dealt with if the above steps are followed. In the case of the opposite you can always contact the support team of experienced staff for resolving the problem, the team would be more than happy to provide assistance.

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