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Internet service is offered by EarthLink to both residential and commercial clients. The famous Earthlink HyperLink plan with 1 Gps of speed and no data limitations is one of the several plans available from this internet service provider, which has garnered favourable reviews.

Additionally, EarthLink offers features like safety, parental controls, and online backups. Customers who are businesses have additional access to services like digital marketing.

Although EarthLink has a good reputation, its costs are often greater than those of other suppliers. Considering that the typical American pays just over $68 per month to stay connected, comparison shopping might help you save money.

If you wish to stop using EarthLink internet, follow these steps.

How to End EarthLink Internet Service

Calling EarthLink is the only way to discontinue internet service. Two numbers are available for use:

Customers living in residences should dial 888-327-8454.

Callers with business needs should dial 844-ELNK-BIZ.

If you want technical assistance, EarthLink has a live chat option. The EarthLink service agreement, however, only includes these two numbers. When you call, you should be prepared with your EarthLink account number. It is printed on your bill. If at all possible, bring a copy of your billing schedule with you so that you may ask questions regarding things like when you need to make your last payment or how much the cancellation charge will cost.

You’ll need to provide some information before you can cancel your service, but it should be simple. Customers often have positive interactions with support representatives when they contact EarthLink, an internet service provider with positive evaluations. Unless there is an outage when you call, you shouldn’t have to wait too long on the phone before speaking to a professional.

How to stop using EarthLink internet

  • You will need to provide the customer care agent with your phone number and EarthLink account number. To confirm your identification, they could ask you additional information like your name and address.
  • The agent will inquire as to how they can assist you. When you contact to discontinue your service, be sure to explain why.
  • They’ll likely inquire as to why. You are allowed to state that you don’t want to talk about the cause and just wish to end your service.
  • Tell the person that you’re relocating and need to discontinue your service. When your existing service expires, they may inquire when you plan to move and then offer to transfer your service to your new location. It might be easy to make these arrangements at the same time that you cancel your service, but if you need more time to investigate the many alternatives at your new address, you can always phone EarthLink later.
  • The customer care agent will undoubtedly offer to upgrade you to a different package if you state that you’re cancelling your subscription because you’re dissatisfied with the speed or performance of your existing connection. Once more, you are not required to agree and are free to request that the cancellation procedure continue.
  • When you indicate that you wish to cancel your internet subscription, the person will ask you when you want the service to terminate. Any date is OK, but bear in mind that you must pay for the complete payment cycle.
  • Your service will be cancelled internally by the representative, so you shouldn’t need to do anything further.
  • Don’t forget to find out how much and when your final charge will be before you hang up. Inquire about any early cancellation costs as well.

How long will your service last?

The customer support agent will inquire about your desired termination date when you phone EarthLink to discontinue your service. At the conclusion of the conversation, they will confirm this date. Soon after the conversation, you will receive an email with a confirmation that your service will terminate on the day you specified. Please take note that this email serves as your only confirmation.

On the day you choose, your internet service can occasionally go out. Your access to any other EarthLink services, such as email or online backup, will also end at the same time.

Save the email from EarthLink for your records. You can use this email to request a refund if EarthLink errs and continues to charge you after the cancellation date.

Keep in mind that you are still responsible for any overdue debts. After your cancellation date, you will still be responsible for paying any past-due fees to EarthLink.

The Automated Payment Authorization should be revoked.

Are you paying your internet bill automatically now that you’ve signed up? If so, you may choose to cancel this permission. When you contact EarthLink customer support, you can bring it up.

At least three days before a payment is due, you must cancel the automatic payment permission. If not, EarthLink may handle this payment as normal.

You’ll probably need to sign into your EarthLink online account or contact customer support to complete your last payment once you remove the automatic payment authorisation.

Return Your Equipment

EarthLink costs you a monthly price for renting a modem or router, similar to many internet service providers. This equipment must be returned when your service is terminated.

You’ll get a shipping label from EarthLink along with some packing and return instructions in the mail. Utilise the label that is supplied and adhere to all instructions. The equipment must be returned within 30 days of the day EarthLink mailed the return label. If you don’t return your router or modem, you could have to pay an extra cost.


With EarthLink, turning off your internet is a straightforward operation. Calling 888-327-8454 for residential customers or 844-ELNK-BIZ for corporate clients is all that is necessary. The biggest drawback of cancelling your subscription is that, unless you can wait until the end of your yearly contract, you will have to pay a charge.

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