How To Create, Login and Reset BellSouth Account Password ?


Bellsouth is an American telecommunication holding company. A merger in the year 2006 took place in which Bell south was acquired by AT&T for approximately 86 billion and was named AT&T southeast . Since 2015 June, the company became known as Bellsouth LLC

Bellsouth is known for the huge database they carry not only pertaining to a particular region but across the globe. With its merger with AT&T the company has been upgrading its amazing features and boasts about the security they provide to their users.

Create an bellsouth email account

Bellsouth email account holders enjoy facilities like- weather reports,news,global affairs and go further by providing access to movies etc. since around 2017 no new accounts for bellsouth are being created but you can create one at-, it is to be noted that if u have an older Bellsouth account you can create an sub account from it and access it via

How to login your email account ?

It is possible that you might have a pre-existing Bellsouth email and therefore after the merger the users can login into their accounts by going to AT&T email login and can provide the account credentials and log in. Steps to be followed are-

  • Go to Login Screen ( from your web browser.
  • Enter your email id along with the password.
  • Click on “sign in” and you will be logged in your account.

How to Reset Bellsouth email password ?

You might be wondering as how you can change your password for bellsouth, kindly follow these steps mentioned below-

Firstly, reach the login page from your choice of web browser.

  • Click on the highlighted text next to your password tab- “Forgot password”.
  • You will now be redirected to a new page where you’ll be asked to enter your user id and last name, and provide this information.
  • Click on continue and follow the onscreen instructions which would guide you to complete your password reset task.
  • Now create a new password and confirm it, now you can easily access your account through the new password.

NOTE- Ideally a good length for passwords are 8 characters and should include a Capital letter, number, unique character

How to contact BellSouth Support?

As mentioned previously, Bellsouth doesn’t engage in creating new websites and they have now come under the umbrella of AT&T services, therefore all the query and doubts about your Bellsouth account can be resolved by contacting the support team at AT&T.

  • You can open the AT&T support page on your web browser by going on this link-
  • You can contact the support team at this number for Wireless support at 800.331.0500 or 611 from a mobile device which is available 24/7
  • You can also contact the support team for Internet or home phone support at 800.288.2020 which is also available 24/7
  • You can have a live-chat with AT&T representatives for this you will have to visit the ATT Password Reset page, then locate the ‘Chat’ button on the screen. And then follow these steps-

1. Search for ‘Chat to a representative.’

2. Enter your ‘Email.’

3. Click on ‘AT&T Internet.

4. Enter your name to connect with an AT&T representative.